5 Signs You Need to Replace Your Office Carpet

New carpet is exciting. If it’s getting installed in your office, it means you’re about to enjoy years worth of fresh, clean flooring. While replacing interior flooring like carpet, wood, or otherwise can be costly, it’s an investment that can last you a decade. Making the proper investment is what’s important in this situation.

It can be hard at times to know when to replace your office carpet. For most, they wait until the carpet either shows visible wear or tear or they move out of the space and leave the floor for the next person to deal with. Remember, take care of your floor, and it will take care of you.

At Mountain Valley Floors, we want your business to thrive. Your office can be a part of that process, even though it may make it to the conference-room table, it still supports your efforts as you work and move from one meeting to the next. In this article, we’re going to share the signs to watch out for so that you can replace your carpet before it becomes a more costly issue.

When You Should Replace Your Office Carpet

There are dozens of reasons you may want to replace your carpet. From mold to aesthetics, you are in charge of when you get new carpet. This is why it can be tough to know when to replace your existing flooring. Below, you will find the five most common signs that you need to do something about your carpet before it’s too late.

#1. Stains

You work in an office. People are bound to spill water, coffee, or soda on the floor. While one or two spills are not the end of the world, you will want to soak up those spills as soon as possible. The longer moisture can exist in and beneath your carpet, the higher the chance that you’ll develop mold. Even if you get the liquid pulled from the carpet, you may have stains — and stains don’t look great.

#2. High-Traffic Wear and Tear

The high-traffic areas in your office are going to wear out the carpet sooner than those without as much foot-action. You may be able to change some of the traffic patterns in your office, but humans will find the path of least resistance — they are pretty good at it. If you see your carpet starting to fade or holes are wearing through, it’s time you get new carpet. This can be as easy as replacing the high-traffic areas or replacing the entire space.

#3. Stench

We’re not going to ask you to “smell” your carpet, but if you notice a weird stench in certain areas of your office, it may be your flooring. Granted, people can carry some pretty serious odors; however, an old carpet that’s had too much spilled on it can lead to a general bad smell. In some cases, you may notice a pungent, earthy smell; this may be mold. If you’ve tried to remove the stench, but it won’t go away, it may be time to replace the carpet and padding.

#4. Padding

Did you know that padding is what makes your carpet “soft” to walk across? Without padding, your carpet is simply a layer of fabric. What’s more, your padding can become damaged or ruined without affecting your carpet. If ever there is a liquid leak somewhere, you may not see it in your carpet, but it may be affecting your padding. Want to know how mold appears without you knowing it? Your carpet padding goes bad. Look for signs of unevenness or wrinkled carpet to discover potential padding issues.

#5. Allergens

Has your office started getting allergies when they usually don’t? While seasonal allergies are a possibility, consistent exposure to allergens like dirt, dust, pollen, or otherwise can agitate your workers’ senses, causing what most would call allergies. These allergens can live in your carpet without you ever knowing it. If you notice allergies becoming a consistent issue in the office, check your carpet.

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