Benefits of Laminate Hardwood Flooring

Here at Mountain Valley Floors, flooring is what we do. We are proud to help the people of Loveland find the perfect flooring material to suit their needs. Word of mouth is our favorite way to grow, so we are all about performing the job to our customers’ satisfaction. Step one of that process is ensuring they pick the right flooring material for their home. One popular material option is laminate hardwood flooring, so we thought we would go over some of its benefits right here.


Many of the same benefits of hardwood floors can be enjoyed from laminate hardwood floors as well. This is probably most important in regards to its durability. Laminate hardwood has a lot of durability, including the dent and scratch resistance of regular hardwood. That’s why so many families with small children or pets choose laminate hardwood flooring. It has both a tough external layer and a resin coating to help protect it from all kinds of damage.

Easy Installation

Laminate hardwood flooring is literally made to be easy to install; all of the single boards are designed to interlock with each other. Other types of flooring require glue, staples, or nails to be fastened down. Not only does this make laminate flooring the easiest type of flooring to install, but it also makes it possible for it to be “floated” over other types of subfloors. This can save thousands when you want your flooring redone, but might otherwise have to pay to have your old one removed.

Low Price

Laminate hardwood flooring is often considered the alternative to hardwood flooring because you get most of the same benefits without the much bigger upfront cost. But that does not make it a cheap option, and in fact there are great laminate hardwood flooring options for just about any price range. There are few materials out there as cost effective as laminate flooring.

Increased Air Quality

Carpeted and tile flooring can both be bad for air quality. While carpet obviously traps all kinds of contaminants, tile can too in its porous grout. Laminate floors, however, don’t have any porous surfaces for contaminants to stick to. Just another reason why this flooring option is great for pets. The improved air quality is a great boon to anybody in your home who has to deal with allergies on a regular basis.

Easy to Clean

There are few types of floors where a good sweeping can take care of 95 percent of its cleaning needs. Laminate hardwood flooring is one of those types. There is just nowhere for the dirt, dust, and grime to get with this flooring material. Stain and moisture resistance also ensure that spilled liquids don’t cause any permanent harm; just grab a towel and wipe them right up.

Low Maintenance

Some of the more expensive flooring options can have hidden costs if you aren’t aware of their maintenance requirements. That is not the case with laminate flooring, just keep them clean and avoid hard impacts and they shouldn’t require any maintenance at all.

Have we piqued your interest as to how laminate hardwood flooring can improve your home? Give Mountain Valley Floors a call when you consider laminate hardwood flooring installation in Loveland or the surrounding areas. We also offer a host of other flooring services. For a little more information about how our services can help you, please do not hesitate to reach out to one of our knowledgeable and friendly representatives. They will be happy to provide answers to any questions that you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!

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