Common Flooring Contractor Scams To Avoid

If you’re ready to install a new floor, it’s best to know how to find the best flooring contractor in Fort Collins. Your project is important, and you don’t want to waste money on scams or sleazy flooring companies. In this post, Mountain Valley Floors shares three huge flooring contractor scams to avoid. If you have questions or want to talk with the Top Rated Local® Full Service Flooring Company in Northern Colorado, contact Mountain Valley Floors today!

3 Most Common Flooring Contractor Scams

Do you want to install a new floor in your home? Have you chosen a flooring contractor in Fort Collins already? Your time and money are valuable, and as much as we hate to say it, not all contractors are honest business people. Here are three huge contractor scams to avoid:

Scam #1 – Your Deposit Disappears

If a flooring contractor asks for a deposit, reconsider using them. You want to have a contract in hand, signed, and confirmed that your project will be moving forward before you hand over any money. The goal is to have a paper trail of the conversation and agreement between you and the flooring contractor. What some contractors will do is ask for an upfront deposit (most of the time in cash) to “start” the project, but once they have your cash, they disappear.

Scam #2 – Low Bid. High Price Tag

Another common flooring contractor scam is to win bids with low price points. Then, the contractor will charge the customer more once the project has already started for material, labor, change-orders, etc, which typically brings the overall price of the floor installation to or above market value. Going for the low bid is not always the best option. Furthermore, get the project on paper, study the pricing, and make a decision before you choose the lowest estimate.

Scam #3 – Under The Radar

Some homeowners want to fly under the radar with the flooring projects. In the short run, it can save them money, time, and headaches with the city. Permits, licenses, etc. can all increase the project time, which costs money. Flooring contractors will offer an “under the table” deal. This deal tends to mean a lower price point, if you pay in cash, and it also means that they won’t submit for permits and pretend the project never happened, if questioned.

At first glance, this seems like the best option. Who wouldn’t choose this? A lot of smart people don’t do this with their flooring or their home. Why? Flooring “contractors” who offer this to customers typically don’t have proper licensing, are trying to avoid taxes, or simply don’t know what they’re doing. Protect yourself, your family, and your home and check for a general contractor license and an insurance policy.

Flooring Installation Experts in Fort Collins

At Mountain Valley Homes, we work for those who care about quality in their home. That’s why we wanted to share the three most common flooring contractor scams you may encounter in Fort Collins. If you want to skip the headache, you can contact us. We’re the Top Rated Local® Full Service Flooring Company in Northern Colorado.