Why You Should Leave Hardwood Floor Installation to Professionals

As a Fort Collins hardwood floor installation company, we hear this question a lot: “Can’t I just install hardwood flooring myself?”

While it’s certainly the case that you can try installing hardwood floors yourself, we highly recommend hiring a skilled and experienced hardwood flooring installer. The biggest reason we do so is that hardwood flooring is by far the most difficult type of flooring to install.

Before you take to the blogosphere and begin searching for DIY tips on how to install hardwood floors, take some time to consider some of the reasons you might want to hold off.

Why is Installing Hardwood Flooring so Difficult?

While doing it yourself can be tempting in order to save yourself money — especially if you’re a fairly experienced DIYer — the truth is there’s a lot that goes into installing a hardwood floor that makes it unlike any other type of flooring installation.

First, it requires a special set of tools. Chances are, you don’t have these sorts of tools just lying around the house.

  • A special tool called a hygrometer which will give you moisture level readings
  • Floor leveling tools
  • Pry Bar
  • Pneumatic flooring nailer
  • A circular saw, miter saw, or table saw to cut the hardwood material
  • Staplers
  • Sanders
  • Buffers

Having an uneven floor or a room that’s not rectangular in shape can add further difficulty to the process. If you don’t prepare your subfloor properly, there could be issues like shaking and squeaking. This particular part is often underestimated by DIYers in their excitement to get the work started.

If you’re unfamiliar with cutting and shaping wood, you could also be losing a lot of money in wasted material. And when it comes to hardwood flooring, the amount you spend on materials is likely to be higher than any other type of flooring.

Even the climate of the location you’re trying to install hardwood flooring in can be a factor in making the job more difficult.

After the wood is installed, then you have to make sure it’s sanded properly. To have solid hardwood floors that look as they should, the sanding process is absolutely critical.

Choose Mountain Valley Floors for High-Quality Hardwood Flooring Materials and Professional Flooring Installers

While doing it yourself may seem like the cheaper option at first, it could cost you a lot more overall in the long run when it comes to the tools you need, materials, not to mention your time.

It can also prove to be a very stressful experience when things don’t go exactly according to plan.

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