1. The Layers Of Laminate

    Laminate is constructed in layers to create lasting, affordable, beautiful floors. Four layers of material, each of which has its own purpose, are fused together through a direct-pressure process that binds them into one extremely durable material. And this material is today’s laminate—a type of…Read More

  2. Loop Vs Twist

    First … you might not know that all tufted carpet begins with a loop pile. If cut pile or cut-and-loop pile is desired, loops are cut during manufacturing. In loop styles, loops are left uncut. In cut pile styles, all loops are cut. In cut-and-loop styles, some loops are cut. Pattern and texture a…Read More

  3. Getting Started

    IN ADVANCE Consider: You want flooring to complement your unique style as well as the function of the room. Throwing dinner parties? Curling up with the Sunday funnies? Dog sitting for the neighbors, yet again? Keep in mind how you will use the room. Imagine: What personality are you trying to creat…Read More

  4. Decorating With Blue

    Blue is a color that evokes mood. And because many people associate blue with melancholy, they avoid it as a decorating color. “It's a popular conception that blue is associated with coldness, and it's not valid,” says Shelley Kirsch of Shelley Kirsch Interior Design and Decoration in Toronto. …Read More